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Crown Lengthening

This procedure can be performed for cosmetic or restorative reasons.
Cosmetics Crown Lengthening:

The gummy smile look can be eliminated by this procedure. For cosmetic procedures, any number of teeth may be treated to create the perfect smile. This can be from one tooth being treated to provide an even appearance at the gum line, or sometimes the whole smile line can be treated to create a natural smile as shown in the images.

Restorative Crown lengthening:

When a tooth breaks off near the gum line or when decay occurs underneath the gums, crown lengthening is needed to properly restore the tooth. Crowns and/or bridges cannot be cemented with the margins of the crown in close proximity to the bone. If the restoration is placed without the crown lengthening procedure than that could lead to failure of the restoration. This is why crown lengthening is needed.
When performing a crown lengthening, the gum and bone around the area needing treatment is reshaped to expose more of the natural tooth. To achieve this, small portion of the gum and bone will be removed to expose more of the natural tooth leading to a successful restoration of the tooth.

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